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Medical and hygiene

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital COVID-19 hotline.

Facebook post. “We have established a COVID-19 Hotline. Call 458-2888 if you have any questions about COVID-19.”

Dept. of Education release re: children with disabilities

Link to pdf file: “Questions and Answers on Providing Services to Children With Disabilities During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outbreak”

Added 3/22: Symptom progression with Covid-19

From Yahoo news - “After being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, it can take as few as two and as many as 14 days for symptoms to develop. Cases range from mild to critical. The average timeline from the first symptom to recovery is about 17 days, but some cases are fatal. Here's what it looks like to develop COVID-19, day by day.” Link to video.

Added 3/19: Persistence of coronaviruses on surfaces

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