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See also: Shane Brodie's original Fairbanks Mutual Aid list

The State of Alaska and the US Gov. have declared a national emergency due to novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. Please use the resources below to keep our communities safe and healthy. If you have any questions, please contact veri@akpirg.org.

Government Information

  • State of Alaska response - link here

    • Sign up for updates from the AK Department of Health and Human Services

    • There will be a statewide closure of restaurants, bars, and entertainment centers on Wednesday, March 18th at 5pm. In effect until April 1, 5 pm.  However take-out and delivery is allowed, and some restaurants are offering curbside pickup.

    • Current legislative efforts to accelerate payments of unemployment benefits 

      • HB 308 was introduced March 18, and submitted to Senate for consideration

    • AK Department of Corrections suspending all non-essential activity across the state (including visitation, some contract services, volunteer activities) and granting inmates one free 15 minute phone call per week - link here

    • Alaska Economic Stabilization Team: Read about their plan and access resources for Alaskans economically impacted by COVID-19 

  • Municipality of Anchorage - link here

    • March 20: Most recently issued the Hunker Down order

    • Entertainment facilities will be shut down, bars and restaurants will be closed for dine-in options until March 31

    • Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility and Municipal Light & Power will halt utility shut offs as long as the city-issued declaration of disaster remains in effect, currently through April 14 - link here

    • People Mover and AnchorRIDES will be free, with a limit of 9 passengers per bus. Find more transit information here.

    • Questions or concerns for the MoA? Email at COVID-19@anchorageak.gov or call 343-4019

  • Alaska Courts System response - link here 

    • All new hearings are delayed and they have paused all eviction hearings. The Courts System facebook page can be found here.

    • The Alaska Court System has temporarily delayed most civil court proceedings, including evictions. They are continuing to hold emergency hearings for issues involving protective orders and constitutional rights.

    • Please continue paying your rent as best you can. If you are having trouble, please speak with your landlord to make arrangements. 

  • City of Fairbanks - link here

  • City of Wasilla 

    • Public Library, Museum and Visitor Center, Menard Sports center closed

  • City of Palmer - March 16 City Memo

    • Public library, public restrooms closed.  Depot and MTA Event center closed. City administration offices open but will observe social distancing with customers.

  • What is the Federal Gov’t Doing in Response to COVID-19? link here

    • Taxes and tax payments are now due July 15th - link here

    • The 2020 Census has stopped in-person operations and extended online response until August 14th. - Fill out the Census here, check out Alaska Census info (and translated materials) here

Local Resources

Mutual Aid Groups

News and Updates

Medical and Health Care

  • Difference between flu, cold, and COVID-19 - link here

  • A deductible and copay are likely required to get tested

    • All people covered by Aetna can access free COVID-19 testing - link here

    • All people covered by Premera can access free COVID-19 testing

      • In addition, people can refill their prescriptions earlier. Masks aren’t covered.

  • Tanana Chiefs Conference will mail medications to you, rather than having you pick them up in-person

  • There is a drive-thru testing site in Anchorage. You must have a doctor’s referral and $49 if you don’t have insurance. - Link here

  • Medical narrative on COVID-19 - Link here 

  • If you feel sick, call your healthcare provider first--don’t go to the ER.

    • If you do not have a regular care provider, Alaska 2-1-1 can provide more information and refer you to additional resources

  • For anyone who is worried about access to prescribed medications, you can ask your health care provider about getting 90-day supplies vs. a 60- or 30-day supply. If this is not possible, we encourage you to refill your medications as soon as they are allowed. (Note: If healthcare providers deny/decline making accommodations, challenge the decisions at least three times. Decision-makers on making health plan adjustments may change if/as conditions worsen.)

  • Listen to and follow your local public health care provider expectations.

  • Provide self-care, especially if you are in the higher risk population as defined by the CDC. Pay attention to emerging symptoms. Reach out to family and friends.


Food and Food Insecurity

  • AK Dept of Health and Social Services: temporary waiver from SNAP work requirements for duration of the state of the emergency response - read here

    • Reapply if you have lost benefits due to the work req! - start application

    • SNAP Outreach Specialist at the Food Bank of Alaska: call 907-222-3119 or toll free at 844-222-3119 or email snap@foodbankofalaska.org

  • Anchorage Grocery Network - Facebook Group

  • Anchorage School District has food distribution sites during school closure - Map

  • Food bank of Alaska - Donate here

  • Breadline - Donate here

  • Juneau School District has food distribution sites during school closure--News

  • Salty’s in Fairbanks has food distribution sites during school closure - Facebook Page

  • Southcentral Foundation Elders Program Meals - Website

  • Governor Dunleavy cautioned against panic buying from grocery stores (food supply chain remains intact)

  • Some stores are modifying their hours, introducing “senior shopping hours”

    • Carrs/Safeway: stores opening on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 a.m. to seniors, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems

    • Three Bears: stores opening from 7 am to 9 am exclusively for those 60 and older Monday through Friday (open to remainder of public at 9 am)

  • Fred Meyers delivers with Instacart 



  • Alaska’s public and private schools closed through May 1

  • University of Alaska coronavirus update page - link here

  • U-Haul is offering free storage for students displaced due to COVID-19 - News

  • Here is a list of free, online resources for students to continue learning while schools remain closed  

  • The UAA Hunger & Homelessness Support Network can be reached at aaa_hhsn@alaska.edu or to sfcarraher@alaska.edu. HHSN relays students to on- and off-campus resources and can answer questions when people get stuck and don't know where to look for resources or information.


  • The AK Housing Finance Corp is working with households experiencing hardship with rent - Contact here

  • The Alaska Courts System has suspended all new jury trials statewide - link here. This means that all new hearings are delayed.

  • Evictions have been stalled in some cities - News

  • If you’re a UA student or can offer housing, fill out this form.

  • The Alaska Poor People’s Campaign has beds for 16 UAA students in a fourplex located in Mountain View. If you are able to donate or need housing, you can contact AKPoorpeoplescampaign@gmail.com

  • Shelters

    • Salvation Army’s McKinnell House 

1712 A Street, Anchorage, AK 99501

Phone: 907-375-3500

  • Abused Womens’ Aid in Crisis (AWAIC)

100 W. 13th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501

Phone: 907-272-0100

  • Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living - link

Local - 1.907.452.2293, toll free - 1.800.478.7273

  • The US Congress is considering halting all mortgage collections for the foreseeable future - link

  • If you need to ask for a rent extension, you can use this template letter from California


  • Addressing Racism - by Taeyoon Choi - link here

Disability Resources:

Acess Alaska 479-7940

Aging & Disability Resource Center

State of Alaska Senior & Disability Services



Information linked below is for any utility that has COVID-19 information.

  • On Tuesday, March 17th, Anchorage declared a moratorium on utility shut-offs (for waste and wastewater and electricity). Chugach Electric will also be adjusting their payment collection practices.

  • Electric Utilities - Find the utilities that have declared a moratorium here

    • Chugach - info

    • MEA - info

    • AVEC - likely giving out extensions for payment

    • GVEA - declared a shutoff moratorium

  • Telecommunications

    • The FCC just declared the “Keep Americans Connected Pledge”, which gives everyone access to their phone and broadband for 60 days, regardless of ability to pay - link here

    • GCI joined the pledge, upon urging, as did ACS.

  • Trash and recycling

    • Solid Waste Services and Alaska Waste will not suspend service (regardless of payment status)

      • Continue to try to make payments as best as your househould can


Consumer Finance

  • Resource Hub

    • Americans for Financial Reform has put together a comprehensive consumer finance platform.

    • Some tips from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau here (available in Spanish)

    • Have an issue with consumer resources? Check here to contact the right people

    • The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency released this bulletin with advice to banks on best practices for loan and debt forgiveness during COVID-19.

    • The FDIC has this resources page for best practices preparing consumers for financial struggles

    • An article overview of how many banks (US Bank, Citibank, Chase, Wells Fargo) are helping their customers during COVID-19 - link here

    • The Alaska Courts System has suspended all new jury trials statewide - link here. This means that all new hearings are delayed.

  • Banks

    • Bank of America has announced that they are granting, on request, relief from bank fees (overdraft, etc.) or payments on credit card, auto, mortgage or small business loans. - link

  • Scams

    • Spotting a scam? File a consumer complaint here so it doesn’t happen to others.

    • Follow this US PIRG guide to spotting phishing scams, and other COVID-19 tips

  • Insurance

    • To be covered against any business losses due to a communicable disease, such as COVID-19, you would need to have purchased an additional endorsement to your policy. - Source

    • Contact your insurance agent or insurance company directly to find out if you already have this added coverage. If you don’t have added coverage and would like to buy it, contact your insurance agent or company to see if it’s available. - Source

  • Universal Basic Income

    • Brookings Institute assessment on UBI - Source

  • Loans

    • Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (a one-time cash payment) - link here

    • Contact your lenders if you are having difficulty making payments

  • Credit

    • US Congress is considering a bill to stop bad credit reporting during COVID-19 - Read the bill here

  • Debt

    • If you have outstanding debt that you won’t be able to pay on time, contact your collector(s) immediately, and make a payment plan. - Student loan recommendations, General debt collection recommendations

      • Ask for debt relief options

      • Look out for auto-debit/auto-pay plans

    • The Federal Government has halted all student loan interest payments. You will still be required to pay on the loan principal, but interest is halted, for now. - Link

    • Italy suspended all of its mortgage payments, and banks are required to inform lenders of this policy - Link

    • New York just suspended state debt collection - Link, as did Nevada for all debt collection - Link

  • If you see price gouging in your community, file a complaint online or call (800) 952-5225

Museums, Libraries, and Cultural Institutions

  • Anchorage has closed municipal facilities - link here, but you can still access the Library database online (including ebooks and movies),  as well as wifi from outside the building.

  • This is a list of resources designed to help the arts community prepare for COVID-19, including info for theatres, freelancers, and other artists whose income is now in jeopardy with indefinite cancellations. 

  • The Anchorage Museum is closed through the end of the month


  • State Capitol closed to the public - link here

  • US-Canada border closed to non-essential travel -- News article

  • Multilingual COVID-19 Resources - list here


Managing Your Mental Health 

Policy: Advocacy and Organizing

  • Employee Pay

    • Stop evictions, foreclosures, and firing employees due to sick leave - Contact

    • Paid Sick Days for all workers - Contact

  • Immigration

    • Stop all immigration enforcement from Carlos Menchaca (Twitter, Facebook)

    • Immigration - Immigrants detained by ICE are at an extremely elevated risk of infection w/ COVID-19, and there's no indication that ICE would even try to stop an outbreak.

  • Housing 

    • Eviction Moratorium Now - Action Network Petition

    • Sign the petition to Governor Dunleavy to Suspend Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Payments During COVID-19

    • Washington DC courts suspend all non-emergency tenant-landlord disputes, evictions, and foreclosed homeowners - link here

    • Pres. Trump has ordered HUD to cease all evictions and foreclosures on mortgages - link here

  • Utilities

  • Consumer Protection


  • Food Banks

    • Fairbanks: Breadline - Donate

    • State-wide: Food bank of Alaska - Donate

  • Individual giving - Donate here

  • Financial support for service workers - Donate or Request Support 

  • AWAIC is an shelter in Anchorage that houses women, men and children who are facing domestic violence and provides emergency support services. - Donate

  • Blood Bank of Alaska (appointment only) - Contact here

National Information and Resources

  • Read updates from the IRS 

    • Treasury and IRS allow most tax payments to be delayed until July 15. You need to file a return or request a filing extension by April 15. No other filing is necessary for payment extensions.

  • Coronavirus Resource Kit - link here

  • Freelancers & Artists Resource 2020 - link here

  • Bartender Emergency Assistance Program - link here

  • Complete the 2020 Census questionnaire online - link here

  • Climate Resources for Indigenous People - link here

  • Coronavirus Community Care Resource Kit - link here

Out of State Examples

  • Los Angeles county information - link here

  • Washington DC: Consumer Protection - link here

  • California’s Employment Development Department response to COVID-19 - link here

  • Ohio speeds up unemployment benefits - link here

COVID-19 Resources for Undocumented Californians - here


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